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Audio Fanfiction for Norse Mythology

Audio Fanfics Rated K (G)

Courtship - by Khilari
Rating: K (G)
Summary: Loki's not courting Sigyn but the reverse isn't true. Loki/Sigyn.
Characters: Sigyn & Loki
Length: 00:06:07

Of Pests and Summer Evenings - by Sauron Gorthaur
Rating: K (G)
Summary: In which the god of Mischief and his eldest son take an evening stroll, share some bonding time, and redefine the term "pest." One-shot.
Characters: Loki & Nari
Length: 00:18:13

Audio Fanfics Rated K+ (PG)

Lokabrenna - by Lord Jake the Warrior
Rating: K+ (PG)
Summary: A poem oneshot about our favourite Trickster God.
Characters: Loki
Length: 00:03:07

Audio Fanfics Rated T (PG-13)

Oh, For a Single Laugh - by Sauron Gorthaur
Rating: T (PG-13)
Summary: After successfully making Skadi laugh, Loki reflects on why he chose the method he did.
Characters: Loki & Skadi
Length: 00:01:50

The Liar - by Lady Schizoid
Rating: T (PG-13)
Summary: A poem about Loki in first person point of view - who he is and what he does.
Characters: Loki
Length: 00:01:37

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